Backshop Vintage was born from an idea created in 2015 with the opening of the first sales platform on ETSY and subsequently branched out to other online and social sales platforms, with the achievement of the opening of our website.
First of all we are Vintage eyewear Researchers/Collectors and Restorers.
All our glasses are examined,inspected and restructured to guarantee a quality product, maintaining the intrinsic quality of the Vintage.
Some settings, to ensure greater comfort, must be made after purchase by a specialized optician.
Our company is specialized in the sale of Vintage glasses, inventories of opticians / manufacturers, mainly focused on the years from 1970s to 1990s and we perform online sales.
Wide assortment of Italian, foreign brands and everything related to the beauty and design of well-known, artisan brands and some that have "disappeared over the years".
Our mission is to propose and market "beauty and style" which has indissolubly marked the design of various decades of the product which is commonly called: "Glasses"



Novaflora di Sgro' Maria

Via della Repubblica 83/a

Rivalta (Reggio Emilia)



P.IVA: 01640110357