Vintage 40s/50s Old Sunglasses cat eye women, galalith/formica material green tone, New Old Stock 1940s/1950s

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Old Vintage Sunglasses, unbranded, made around 1940s/1950s.
Sunglasses made in plastic material polymer: probably "Formica" or "Galalith".
Green outer tone, dappled and striated (check pics).
Cat eye shape with original crystal/glass lenses.

40s-50s-60s eyewear (and before) are completely different from the modern quality, they are real HAND-MADE, assembly by skilled labor with the materials of those years and with their era's knowledge.
Don't expect they are in the same quality and detailed as modern eyewear or just as 70s-80s and 90s glasses, but they should be love for their Vintage qualities, rarity, and cause they have pass more decades to be here, still in Lovely condition and perfectly usable and collectible.

Please note: these are glasses from many years ago, sold with "collector's" value.
If you intend to use them, use great caution to avoid unexpected breakages.
However, we do not recommend the use, rare pieces to collect as "history of eyewear".

----- CONDITION -----

New Old Stock 1940s/1950s, never been worn.
Frame: Excellent condition, minimal storage signs due to 70 years of cellar, some "manufacturing defects" in the arms, inside the frame (pics); a micro "crack" sign under right rim (superficial and not deep, pic) . Overall the Sunglasses still in Excellent vintage condition and absolutely beauty.
Lenses: Lenses have slight and faint storage signs due to age. Those not affect the visibility still clear through them.


Lens width: 50 mm / 1,96 in
Bridge: 19 mm / 0,74 in
Arm length: 140 mm / 5,51 in
Height of front: 40 mm / 1,57 in
Overall width: 130 mm / 5,11 in

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