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LOZZA ZILO, LOZZA ZILO "SPORT", LOZZA "ZIL ORO" accessories, cases, boxes, stock.
Products vintage, used or deadstock, "sold as is", kindly read the condition of the products.
The stock includes:

- 5 sunglasses/glasses cases: 2 Zilo "Sport" and 3 Lozza "Zilo"

----- CONDITION -----

All in excellent condition, the leather has hardened a bit over the years, but perfectly usable.

- 3 Boxes: 1 Lozza "Zilo Sport", 1 Lozza "Zil Oro", 1 Lozza "Zilo Optic".

----- CONDITION -----

The box of "Zilo Sort" is broken and has signs of storage.

- 1 Lozza Certificate of originality.

----- CONDITION -----

Excellent condition.

- 2 Lozza original lenses sticker, one golden and one white.

----- CONDITION -----

Both have lost the glue in the back, they don't stick anymore

- 1 Paper/Paper wrapper Lozza "Zilo".

----- CONDITION -----

Excellent condition.

----- Shipping precautions -----

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----- Terms & Conditions -----

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No reimbursement is made on shipping costs (forward shipping and return shipping) and all other expenses (customs duties).

In the case of a return, the goods must be returned in the same state of receipt.

Any product returned with obvious signs of wear or tear will not be reimbursed.

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