• 7/5/2021 "Delays"

Due to trade union strikes on the national territory of Milan(Italy) by the courier TNT (Skynet's intermediary), the shipments are suffering a great delay, but regularly shipped.
We apologize for the inconvenience, everything should be back to normal in the next days.

Information about the delay and strike at the link: (Italian language).



  • 13/5/2021 "Updates on the strike"  

Shipments, due to the strike, were delayed from 5 to 7 working days to arrive at the SKYNET headquarters in Milan, but regularly in transit.
The general situation is improving, with a decrease in overall sorting times.


  • 17/6/2021 "Discomfort and delays on routes outside the European Union, due to Covid"   

Severe delays on routes outside the European Union due to the Covid emergency and the lack of commercial flights.
However, the packages are in transit.


  • 23/11/2021 "Fedex/Tnt Strike"

Due to a strike by the intermediary couriers between us and Skynet Courier Italy (Milan), parcel collection will be delayed by 2 days.
Our intermediary: Tnt / Fedex.
The situation should return to normal on 11/24/2021.

Strike link (Italian language, use the translator for your language):



  • 6/12/2021 "Transport strike"


General strike of transport and couriers estimated in 48/72 hours.
The situation should return to normal on 9/12/2021.
Packages with withdrawal in the days of the strike are ready to be collected as soon as the situation returns to normal standards.


  • 1/3/2022 "Suspension of delivery services to Ukraine and Russia"


Due to the situation between Ukraine and Russia, shipments to these two countries are suspended until a later date.
We do not have a date on which shipments will be resumed, as soon as we will have news from the couriers we will notify you.